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IDL Startup file

We use a simple IDL startup file to set the path to our data directory and define a few system variables. If you use these routines for your own work, you'll need to change the !DBPATH variable to point to the root data directory on your own system. You'll also need to have this startup file in your IDL path, or add these lines to your existing startup file.

The four system variables that begin with !OIL are set to values of 2^16, 2^17, 2^18, and the sum of these values, respectively. They are used to determine which events generated by an object are logged with the Root object. This is accomplished with a bitwise AND comparison of the incoming event type (!OIL_MSG, !OIL_WRN, !OIL_ERR, or !OIL_ALL) with the value of the Root object's logCodes data member. For more information, see the Root class documentation.

Startup file listing

DefSysV, '!TRUE', 1B
DefSysV, '!FALSE', 0B
DefSysV, '!DBPATH', 'f:\'
DefSysV, '!OIL_MSG', 65536L
DefSysV, '!OIL_WRN', 131072L
DefSysV, '!OIL_ERR', 262144L
DefSysV, '!OIL_ALL', 458752L

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