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SSS spectral atlas


1993-2007 data

This page provides a pictorial spectral atlas of the SSS orders. To examine the consistency of our reduction and normalization, as well as to create a reference spectrum for normalization of difficult parts of the spectrum, we have degraded the relevant bandpasses of the Kurucz et al. high resolution solar atlas to that of the SSS. Below are twenty plots that serve as an SSS solar "atlas." Wavelength in Ångstroms is plotted on the x-axis, and the relative intensity, where the continuum is set to 1.0, is plotted on the y-axis. Each plot shows an individual order of the spectrum, with relevant information included.

In these figures, the dark blue spectrum in the background of each plot is the raw, high-resolution data from the Kurucz atlas. The light blue spectrum is the Kurucz data convolved to the resolution of the SSS, and the orange line shows a representative SSS solar spectrum. Ideally, the orange line should be indistinguishable from the blue within the noise and minor variations due to normalization differences, and in general this is the case. The numbered diamonds just above the continuum show the pixel number on the order, and in certain orders, important spectral lines are indicated. The plots are arranged in the same way as the table above, i.e., in order of decreasing wavelength.

SSS order 25
SSS order 26
SSS order 27
SSS order 28
SSS order 29
SSS order 30
SSS order 31
SSS order 32
SSS order 33
SSS order 34
SSS order 35
SSS order 36
SSS order 37
SSS order 38
SSS order 39
SSS order 40
SSS order 41
SSS order 42
SSS order 43
SSS order 26

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