SOLIS Vector Spectromagnetograph: Status and Science


The Vector Spectromagnetograph (VSM) instrument has recorded photospheric and chromospheric magnetograms daily since August 2003. Full-disk photospheric vector magnetograms are observed at least weekly and, since November 2006, area-scans of active regions daily. Quick-look vector magnetic images, plus X3D and FITS formated files, are now publicly available daily. In the near future, Milne-Eddington inversion parameter data will also be available and a typical observing day will include three full-disk photospheric vector magnetograms. Besides full-disk observations, the VSM is capable of high temporal cadence area- scans of both the photosphere and chromosphere. Carrington rotation and daily synoptic maps are also available from the photospheric magnetograms and coronal hole estimate images.

Solar Polarization 5: In Honor of Jan Stenflo