The Prototype of the Small Synoptic Second Solar Spectrum Telescope (S5̂T)


We present the design and the prototype of the Small Synoptic Second Solar Spectrum Telescope (S5̂T), which can autonomously measure scattering polarization signals on a daily basis with large sensitivity and accuracy. Its data will be used to investigate the nature of weak, turbulent magnetic fields through the Hanle effect in many lines. Also the relation between those fields and the global solar dynamo can be revealed by spanning the observations over a significant fraction of a solar cycle. The compact instrument concept is enabled by a radial polarization converter that allows for ``one-shot’’ polarimetry over the entire limb of the Sun. A polarimetric sensitivity of ensuremath∼10$^-5$ is achieved by minimizing the instrumental polarization and by FLC modulation in combination with a fast line-scan camera in the fiber-fed spectrograph. The first prototype results successfully show the feasibility of the concept.

Solar Polarization 5: In Honor of Jan Stenflo