Vector Magnetic Field Inversions of High Cadence SOLIS-VSM Data


We have processed full Stokes observations from the SOLIS VSM in the photospheric lines Fe I 630.15 nm and 630.25 nm. The data sets have high spectral and temporal resolution, moderate spatial resolution, and large polarimetric sensitivity and accuracy. We used the LILIA, an LTE code written by i̧tetfischer_Navarro2001 to invert the data. We also applied the non-potential magnetic field calculation method of ţetfischer_Manolis2005 in order to resolve the 180 degree ambiguity. The output are maps of the full magnetic field vector at the photospheric level. Here we present the first inversions of the active region NOAA 10808 during an X-class flare, which occurred on 13 September 2005.

Solar Polarization 5: In Honor of Jan Stenflo