The Procyon campaign: Observations from Kitt Peak


Time series spectra of the F5IV star Procyon (alpha CMi) were obtained at the Kitt Peak National Observatory during a 35-night observing run in January-February 1997. The observations were obtained as part of an international collaboration to detect and study acoustic oscillations in solar-type stars. Spectra covered the wavelength range from 4000 to 5300 AA , with a resolving power of approximately 3500 (1.3 AA resolution). The sampling rate was one observation per minute, and the typical S/N ratio per observation is in excess of 1000. At the time of writing, we have obtained over 10,000 spectra. The spectra will be analyzed to identify any periodic signals due to acoustic oscillations in Procyon. In addition to measuring the equivalent widths of the three Balmer lines (Kjeldsen et al. 1995) covered by our spectra (Hensuremathβ, Hensuremathγ, and Hdelta) we will also examine the spectra for variations in the average metal line strength. Preliminary power spectra will be presented.

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