Transneptunian Binary Papers

The mutual orbit, mass, and density of the large transneptunian binary system Varda and Ilmarë
Grundy, Porter, Benecchi, Roe, Noll, Trujillo, Thirouin, Stansberry, Barker, and Levison 2015. Icarus 257, 1 30-138.

Ejecta transfer in the Pluto system. [preprint]
Porter and Grundy 2014. Icarus 246, 360-368.

The orbit of transneptunian binary Manwë and Thorondor and their upcoming mutual events. [preprint]
Grundy, Benecchi, Porter, and Noll 2014. Icarus 237, 1-8.

The rotational lightcurve of (79360) Sila-Nunam, an eclipsing binary in the Kuiper belt. [preprint]
Rabinowitz, Benecchi, Grundy, and Verbiscer 2014. Icarus 236, 72-82.

The UT 7/8 February 2013 Sila-Nunam mutual event & future predictions.
Benecchi, Noll, Thirouin, Ryan, Grundy, Verbiscer, Doressoundiram, Hestroffer, Beaton, Rabinowitz, and Chanover 2014. Icarus 229, 423-427.

Astrometry and orbits of Nix, Kerberos, and Hydra.
Buie, Grundy, and Tholen 2013. Astron. J. 146, 152.1-12.

KCTF evolution of trans-neptunian binaries: Connecting formation to observation. [preprint]
Porter and Grundy 2012. Icarus 220, 947-957.

Mutual events in the cold classical transneptunian binary system Sila and Nunam. [preprint]
Grundy, Benecchi, Rabinowitz, Porter, Wasserman, Skiff, Noll, Verbiscer, Buie, Tourtellotte, Stephens, and Levison 2012. Icarus 220, 74-83.

Physical properties of transneptunian binaries (120347) Salacia-Actaea and (42355) Typhon-Echidna.
Stansberry, Grundy, Mueller, Benecchi, Rieke, Noll, Buie, Levison, Porter, and Roe 2012. Icarus 219, 676-688.

Five new and three improved mutual orbits of transneptunian binaries. [preprint]
Grundy, Noll, Nimmo, Roe, Buie, Porter, Benecchi, Stephens, Levison, and Stansberry 2011. Icarus 213, 678-692.

(47171) 1999 TC36, a transneptunian triple. [preprint]
Benecchi, Noll, Grundy, and Levison 2010. Icarus 207, 978-991.

Mutual orbits and masses of six transneptunian binaries. [preprint]
Grundy, Noll, Buie, Benecchi, Stephens, and Levison 2009. Icarus 200, 627-635.

The correlated colors of transneptunian binaries. [preprint]
Benecchi, Noll, Grundy, Buie, Stephens, and Levison 2009. Icarus 200, 292-303.

Binaries in the Kuiper belt.
Noll, Grundy, Chiang, Margot, and Kern 2008. [preprint] In The Solar System Beyond Neptune, Univ. of Arizona Press, Tucson, pp. 345-363.

(42355) Typhon-Echidna: Scheduling observations for binary orbit determination. [preprint]
Grundy, Noll, Virtanen, Muinonen, Kern, Stephens, Stansberry, Levison, and Spencer 2008. Icarus 197, 260-268.

Evidence for two populations of classical transneptunian objects: The strong inclination dependence of classical binaries. [preprint]
Noll, Grundy, Stephens, Levison, and Kern 2008. Icarus 194, 758-768.

The orbit, mass, size, albedo, and density of (65489) Ceto-Phorcys: A tidally-evolved binary Centaur. [preprint]
Grundy, Stansberry, Noll, Stephens, Trilling, Kern, Spencer, Cruikshank, and Levison 2007. Icarus 191, 286-297.

Detection of six trans-neptunian binaries with NICMOS: A high fraction of binaries in the cold classical disk.
Stephens and Noll 2006. Astron. J. 131, 1142-1148.

Discovery of a binary Centaur. [preprint]
Noll, Levison, Grundy, and Stephens 2006. Icarus 184, 611-618.

The albedo, size, and density of binary Kuiper belt object (47171) 1999 TC36. [preprint]
Stansberry, Grundy, Margot, Cruikshank, Emery, Rieke, and Trilling 2006. Astrophys. J. 643, 556-566.

Diverse albedos of small transneptunian objects. [preprint]
Grundy, Noll, and Stephens 2005. Icarus 176, 184-191.

The orbit and albedo of transneptunian binary (58534) 1997 CQ29. [preprint]
Noll, Stephens, Grundy, Osip, and Griffin 2004. Astron. J. 128, 2547-2552.

The orbit, mass, and albedo of (66652) 1999 RZ253. [preprint]
Noll, Stephens, Grundy, and Griffin 2004. Icarus 172, 402-407.

Detection of two binary transneptunian objects, 1997 CQ29 and 2000 CF105, with the Hubble Space Telescope. [preprint]
Noll, Stephens, Grundy, Millis, Spencer, Buie, Tegler, Romanishin, and Cruikshank 2002. Astron. J. 124, 3424-3429.