Transneptunian Binary Papers

The mutual orbit, mass, and density of the large transneptunian binary system Varda and Ilmarë [preprint]
Grundy, Porter, Benecchi, Roe, Noll, Trujillo, Thirouin, Stansberry, Barker, and Levison 2015. Icarus 257, 1 30-138.

Ejecta transfer in the Pluto system. [preprint]
Porter and Grundy 2014. Icarus 246, 360-368.

The orbit of transneptunian binary Manwë and Thorondor and their upcoming mutual events. [preprint]
Grundy, Benecchi, Porter, and Noll 2014. Icarus 237, 1-8.

The rotational lightcurve of (79360) Sila-Nunam, an eclipsing binary in the Kuiper belt. [preprint]
Rabinowitz, Benecchi, Grundy, and Verbiscer 2014. Icarus 236, 72-82.

The UT 7/8 February 2013 Sila-Nunam mutual event & future predictions.
Benecchi, Noll, Thirouin, Ryan, Grundy, Verbiscer, Doressoundiram, Hestroffer, Beaton, Rabinowitz, and Chanover 2014. Icarus 229, 423-427.

Astrometry and orbits of Nix, Kerberos, and Hydra.
Buie, Grundy, and Tholen 2013. Astron. J. 146, 152.1-12.

KCTF evolution of trans-neptunian binaries: Connecting formation to observation. [preprint]
Porter and Grundy 2012. Icarus 220, 947-957.

Mutual events in the cold classical transneptunian binary system Sila and Nunam. [preprint]
Grundy, Benecchi, Rabinowitz, Porter, Wasserman, Skiff, Noll, Verbiscer, Buie, Tourtellotte, Stephens, and Levison 2012. Icarus 220, 74-83.

Physical properties of transneptunian binaries (120347) Salacia-Actaea and (42355) Typhon-Echidna.
Stansberry, Grundy, Mueller, Benecchi, Rieke, Noll, Buie, Levison, Porter, and Roe 2012. Icarus 219, 676-688.

Five new and three improved mutual orbits of transneptunian binaries. [preprint]
Grundy, Noll, Nimmo, Roe, Buie, Porter, Benecchi, Stephens, Levison, and Stansberry 2011. Icarus 213, 678-692.

(47171) 1999 TC36, a transneptunian triple. [preprint]
Benecchi, Noll, Grundy, and Levison 2010. Icarus 207, 978-991.

Mutual orbits and masses of six transneptunian binaries. [preprint]
Grundy, Noll, Buie, Benecchi, Stephens, and Levison 2009. Icarus 200, 627-635.

The correlated colors of transneptunian binaries. [preprint]
Benecchi, Noll, Grundy, Buie, Stephens, and Levison 2009. Icarus 200, 292-303.

Binaries in the Kuiper belt.
Noll, Grundy, Chiang, Margot, and Kern 2008. [preprint] In The Solar System Beyond Neptune, Univ. of Arizona Press, Tucson, pp. 345-363.

(42355) Typhon-Echidna: Scheduling observations for binary orbit determination. [preprint]
Grundy, Noll, Virtanen, Muinonen, Kern, Stephens, Stansberry, Levison, and Spencer 2008. Icarus 197, 260-268.

Evidence for two populations of classical transneptunian objects: The strong inclination dependence of classical binaries. [preprint]
Noll, Grundy, Stephens, Levison, and Kern 2008. Icarus 194, 758-768.

The orbit, mass, size, albedo, and density of (65489) Ceto-Phorcys: A tidally-evolved binary Centaur. [preprint]
Grundy, Stansberry, Noll, Stephens, Trilling, Kern, Spencer, Cruikshank, and Levison 2007. Icarus 191, 286-297.

Detection of six trans-neptunian binaries with NICMOS: A high fraction of binaries in the cold classical disk.
Stephens and Noll 2006. Astron. J. 131, 1142-1148.

Discovery of a binary Centaur. [preprint]
Noll, Levison, Grundy, and Stephens 2006. Icarus 184, 611-618.

The albedo, size, and density of binary Kuiper belt object (47171) 1999 TC36. [preprint]
Stansberry, Grundy, Margot, Cruikshank, Emery, Rieke, and Trilling 2006. Astrophys. J. 643, 556-566.

Diverse albedos of small transneptunian objects. [preprint]
Grundy, Noll, and Stephens 2005. Icarus 176, 184-191.

The orbit and albedo of transneptunian binary (58534) 1997 CQ29. [preprint]
Noll, Stephens, Grundy, Osip, and Griffin 2004. Astron. J. 128, 2547-2552.

The orbit, mass, and albedo of (66652) 1999 RZ253. [preprint]
Noll, Stephens, Grundy, and Griffin 2004. Icarus 172, 402-407.

Detection of two binary transneptunian objects, 1997 CQ29 and 2000 CF105, with the Hubble Space Telescope. [preprint]
Noll, Stephens, Grundy, Millis, Spencer, Buie, Tegler, Romanishin, and Cruikshank 2002. Astron. J. 124, 3424-3429.