Restaurant Guide

Here are some ratings for local restaurants by Lowell gastronomers, on a scale from 1 (horrible) to 5 (terrific). Ratings are based on food, service, and ambiance, weighted in that order.

Rough price guide: $ = under $10; $$ = $5 - $15; $$$ = $10 - $20; $$$$ = $15 - $25

Cosmic carrots: Phil Massey and Deidre Hunter are vegetarian.
Stars: Sally Oey checks out all types of restaurants.
Satellites: John and Jane Spencer prefer mid-range restaurants.

"Downtown" is about a 20-minute walk from Lowell, down the hill and follow your nose.

Sedona is a leisurely 3/4 to 1 hour drive south of Flagstaff in red rock country. "Uptown" refers to downtown Sedona, northeast of the "Y" intersection of Highways 89A and 179.

Winslow is about an hour's drive east of Flagstaff, not far past Meteor Crater.

  • Turquoise Room, La Posada Hotel, 303 E. Second St.: Nouvelle southwestern with a historic flair, in historic Mary Colter flagship hotel. $$$$

    1/2 Excellent overall, with regionally appropriate menu; occasional imperfections. Signature soup a must.

Bullets courtesy of SillyArt.