A Lowell Observatory Workshop:

Star Formation in
Dwarf Galaxies

June 19 - 22, 2012
Flagstaff, Arizona

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Dwarf irregular galaxies are the most common type of galaxy locally. They are also the closest analogs in the nearby universe to the low mass dark matter haloes that formed after the Big Bang, and in the LambdaCDM model, it is in these entities that the first stars formed. Yet, we do not understand what drives star formation on galactic scales even in nearby dwarfs, the simplest, most pristine local environments.

Workshop topics include mechanisms for triggering cloud formation in dwarfs, phases of the ISM, outer disks, thickness and structure of dwarf disks, disk kinematics, and star clusters. This workshop aims to address the following fundamental questions:

Invited Speakers:

        Alberto Bolatto, University of Maryland
        Mark Krumholz, University of California Santa Cruz
        Janice Lee, STScI
        Adam Leroy, NRAO
        Mordecai Mac Low, American Museum of Natural History
        Dan Weisz, University of Washington

Scientific Organizing Committee:

 	Caroline Simpson, Florida International University (CHAIR)
        Kenji Bekki, University of Western Australia
        Frederic Bournaud, CEA Saclay, France
        Elias Brinks, University of Hertfordshire
 	Bruce Elmegreen, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
        Yasuo Fukui, Nagoya University
        Leslie Hunt, INAF - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri
        Mark Krumholz, University California Santa Cruz
        Michael Rupen, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
        Evan Skillman, University of Minnesota
        Lisa Young, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Local Organizing Committee:

	Deidre Hunter
        Kim Herrmann
        Jeff Hall

	Lowell Observatory 
	1400 W. Mars Hill Rd.
	Flagstaff AZ 86001
	Telephone: +1-928-233-3225

For more information, contact Deidre Hunter dah at lowell.edu.

Important Dates

January 1: Pre-registration Opens
March 1: SOC chooses talks and posters from pre-registrations
March 15: Registration Opens
April 30: Registration Deadline
May 1: Abstract Submission Deadline
May 15: Last day to cancel registration and receive a full refund
May 28: Last day for hotel reservation as part of the guaranteed block
June 18: Reception and registration in Lowell Observatory Rotunda, 5:30-7:30 PM
June 19 - 22: Workshop sessions, Lowell Observatory, Giclas Lecture Hall
June 22, after lunch: Workshop end

Workshop Registration

The venue at Lowell Observatory is limited to 85 participants; this allows us to have a small, friendly meeting. At this point, the meeting is full. If you are not in the list of participants, please contact Deidre (dah at lowell dot edu) to see if there is an opening or to be put on the waiting list. We do occasionally have cancellations.

If you pre-registered and appear in the list of Participants, a spot is being reserved for you, but you must register to retain it.

All attendees are expected to pre-pay. The registration fee is $325, and includes 4 catered lunches and 3 dinners.

Abstract Submission

You should have submitted an abstract when you pre-registered (on-line) or when you register (email to Deidre), but the deadline for receipt of final abstracts is 1 May 2012.

Poster board space is 4 ft X 4 ft. The posters will be on double-sided poster boards 8-ft long x 4-ft high. We have room for 28 posters. They will be organized in a circle around the Rotunda, and on the third day the posters boards will be flipped around. That way, every poster gets a chance to be facing in towards the coffee/break table.


There will be no hardcopy proceedings. A conference summary will be published in PASP. In addition, we will publish on-line any submissions in a suitable format: Powerpoint, Postscript, or PDF files.

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Image of DDO 63 from Hunter & Elmegreen (2006, ApJS, 162, 49)