Poster Presentations

Patricio Becerra and Shane Byrne Mars' south polar halos and Triton's aureoles: Sublimation-driven models of formation
Jason Cook and Dale Cruikshank A search for α N2 on Pluto and Eris
Götz Galuba et al. What the dark craters on Iapetus can tell us
Perry Gerakines Radiolysis of amino acids in outer Solar-System ice analogs
Candy Hansen Seasons on Pluto
Emmanuel Lellouch et al. Recent observations of the composition of Pluto's and Triton's atmospheres and implications for surface-atmosphere interactions
Ivan Linscott Icy surface characterization with X-band uplink bistatic scattering at Pluto
Emily Martin and Simon Kattenhorn Deciphering Enceladus's tectonic history: An analog for the Pluto and Charon system
Rachel Mastrapa et al. Laboratory spectra of ice mixtures relevant to New Horizons observations of Pluto and TNOs
Charles Miller et al. Dynamic global atmosphere simulations of N2 condensation flows on Triton from equinox to the Voyager 2 fly-by
Alex Patthoff and Simon Kattenhorn Fracture analysis in the south polar region of Enceladus: A comparative planetology approach for interpreting fracture patterns on Pluto and Charon
Gal Sarid Dynamical and thermal pathways in the evolution of Centaur objects
Katrin Stephan et al. Comparison of spectral and geological properties of the Saturnian satellites Dione and Rhea
Steve Tegler et al. Solubility limits in the N2-CH4 binary system: Lab studies and applications to telescopic spectra
Mélanie Vangvichith and François Forget Climate models of Triton and Pluto
Anne Verbiscer et al. Observations of trans-neptunian objects at true opposition
Oliver White and Paul Schenk Crater shapes on giant planet icy satellites and applications to New Horizons at the Pluto-Charon system