Selected Publications from 2005 and Earlier

Near-infrared spectrum of low inclination classical Kuiper belt object (79360) 1997 CS29.
Grundy, Buie, and Spencer 2005. Astron. J. 130, 1299-1301.

Diverse albedos of small transneptunian objects. [preprint]
Grundy, Noll, and Stephens 2005. Icarus 176, 184-191.

The orbit and albedo of transneptunian binary (58534) 1997 CQ29. [preprint]
Noll, Stephens, Grundy, Osip, and Griffin 2004. Astron. J. 128, 2547-2552.

Near infrared spectral monitoring of Triton with IRTF/SpeX I: Establishing a baseline.
Grundy and Young 2004. Icarus 172, 455-465.

The orbit, mass, and albedo of (66652) 1999 RZ253. [preprint]
Noll, Stephens, Grundy, and Griffin 2004. Icarus 172, 402-407.

Visible/near-infrared spectrogoniometric observations and modeling of dust-coated rocks.
Johnson, Grundy, and Shepard 2004. Icarus 171, 546-556.

Mixing Models, Colors and Thermal Emissions.
Grundy and Stansberry 2003. Earth, Moon, and Planets 92, 331-336.

Discovery of CO2 ice and leading-trailing spectral asymmetry on the Uranian satellite Ariel.
Grundy, Young, and Young 2003. Icarus 162, 222-229.

Detection of two binary transneptunian objects, 1997 CQ29 and 2000 CF105, with the Hubble Space Telescope. [preprint]
Noll, Stephens, Grundy, Millis, Spencer, Buie, Tegler, Romanishin, and Cruikshank 2002. Astron. J. 124, 3424-3429.

Spectroscopy of Pluto and Triton at 3-4 microns: Possible evidence for wide distribution of non-volatile solids.
Grundy, Buie, and Spencer 2002. Astron. J. 124, 2273-2278.

Spatial and compositional constraints on non-ice components and H2O on Pluto's surface.
Grundy and Buie 2002. Icarus 157, 128-138.

The temperature dependent spectrum of methane ice I between 0.65 and 5 microns and opportunities for near-infrared remote thermometry.
Grundy, Schmitt, and Quirico 2002. Icarus 155, 486-496.

Distribution and evolution of CH4, N2, and CO ices on Pluto's surface: 1995 to 1998.
Grundy and Buie 2001. Icarus 153, 248-263.

A Monte Carlo ray tracing model for scattering and polarization by large particles with complex shapes.
Grundy, Douté, and Schmitt 2000. J. Geophys. Res. 105, 29291-29314.

Solar gardening and the seasonal evolution of nitrogen ice on Triton and Pluto.
Grundy and Stansberry 2000. Icarus 148, 340-346.

Near-infrared spectra of icy outer solar system surfaces: Remote determination of H2O ice temperatures.
Grundy, Buie, Stansberry, Spencer, and Schmitt 1999. Icarus 142, 536-549.

The temperature-dependent near-infrared absorption spectrum of hexagonal H2O ice.
Grundy and Schmitt 1998. J. Geophys. Res. 103, 25809-25822.

The temperature dependent spectra of α and β nitrogen ice with application to Triton.
Grundy, Schmitt, and Quirico 1993. Icarus 105, 254-258.

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