Cheeses of France

Image: A proper cheese plate

France produces many of the world's finest cheeses. Hundreds of regional varieties are enjoyed for their distinctive flavors, textures, shapes, and appearances. Here are brief descriptions of some of my favorites, organized alphabetically for each region of origin.

North (Flandre, Picardie, Champagne, Île de France)

North-East and East (Alsace, Lorraine, Vosges, Jura, Ain)

South-East (Savoie, Dauphiné, Province)

Center (Auvergne, Bourgogne, Loire)

West and Northwest (Charentes, Poitou, Bretagne, Normandie)

South-West (Bordeaux, Pyrénées, Hérault)

Nothing goes better with cheese than fresh bread and local wine!

Image: Fresh home-made bread

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