Comet Hyakutake (1996 B2)

Rotation Animation

1996 March 24 UT

Comet Hyakutake's rotation is captured in this pseudo-color

7 frame sequence obtained at intervals of approximately 54 minutes;

the rotation period is 6 hours and 16 minutes. Two dust jets are

visible -- a strong, primary jet which produces most of the coma,

and a much weaker jet originating on the other side of the nucleus.

Image enhancement was applied to remove the bulk radial fall-off and

strong asymmetries including the comet's tail.

Images obtained by David Schleicher and David Osip

using the Hall 42-inch (1.1-m) telescope at Lowell Observatory

with a red continuum narrowband filter (6840 A).

Trimmed image size: 16,000x16,000 km.

Processing and animation sequence by Laura Woodney,

Dennis Douglas, Clara Eberhardy, and David Schleicher.

Copyright 2001 Lowell Observatory

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