Welcome to Lowell Observatory's online private program scheduling service!

Each year, we present more than 300 private and group programs on our campus. Families, school groups, and other organizations come here to learn about astronomy and view the night sky. Use this online booking service to pick the date and time of your visit and the programs you would like to see.

PAYMENT POLICY: Group sizes are limited to 60 people, and programs must be booked three weeks or more in advance. The fee is $150 (for one-hour daytime programs) or $300 (for 90-minute evening programs). Payment must be made in full at least one week in advance of your program date to hold your reservation. We do not accept purchase orders. For futher information, click on the Program Reference and Booking & Payment Policies above.

Please do not use your browser's back button while you reserve a program. We recommend that all PC or Mac users use Firefox. If you must use Internet Explorer, please use Internet Explorer 7.