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Lowell Observatory is a private, non-profit institution dedicated to astronomical research and outreach. Founded in 1894 by Boston mathematician Percival Lowell, the observatory today is a modern research center with 80 employees.

You can be part of Lowell's mission of discovery through your tax-deductible membership in the Friends of Lowell Observatory.

Members receive our quarterly newsletter, The Lowell Observer, with our compliments. You'll also get free admission to more than 300 science centers participating in the Association of Science and Technology Centers Passport Program free admission to Lowell, and a discount in our astronomy gift shop.

Become part of a leading research institution with a commitment to public appreciation of astronomy, and join more than 2,050 generous individuals as a member of the Friends of Lowell.

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Individual membership ($35.00)

Free admission for one adult to Lowell Observatory

Basic membership ($60.00)

Free admission for 2 adults and their minor children plus two guest passes

Primary membership ($100.00)

Free admission for family (2 adults + minor children) plus six guest passes and invitation to special event

Contributor membership ($250.00)

Primary benefits plus Free Admission for 4 adults and minor children/grandchildren and astronomical calendar

Pluto Society membership ($500.00)

Contributor benefits plus invitation to exclusive Observatory event and optional annual listing in the Lowell Observer

Lowell Associate membership ($1000.00)

Pluto Society benefits plus private viewing on 24" Clark refractor preceeded by reception with Lowell Observatory Director

Trustee Circle membership ($2500.00)

Lowell Associate benefits plus recognition on plaque at Lowell, and tour of Lowell's Anderson Mesa research site.

Discovery membership ($5000.00)

Trustee Circle benefits plus tour of the Discovery Channel Telescope.

Click one of the options at left to join or renew using PayPal and your credit card, or send a check or money order to:
Friends of Lowell Observatory
1400 West Mars Hill Road
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Gift Memberships

You can buy a membership for someone using the PayPal links to the right; you will have the option of submitting a message along with your payment. You may also call us at 928-233-3267 to purchase a membership or to relay any special instructions.

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