Below is a list of research papers, based in total or in part on Deep Ecliptic Survey data or about objects discovered during the survey, that are published, submitted, in press, or in preparation by members of the DES team or by other authors.

Millis, R. L., M. W. Buie, L. H. Wasserman, J. L. Elliot, S. D. Kern, and R. M. Wagner. The Deep Ecliptic Survey: A Search for Kuiper Belt Objects and Centaurs. I. Description of Methods and Initial Results. Astron. J. 123, 2083-2109, 2002.

Viellet, C., Parker, J. Griffin, I. Marsden, B., Doressoundiram, A., Buie, M., Tholen, D., Connelley, M., and Holman, M., The binary Kuiper Belt object 1998 WW31. Nature 416, 711-713, 2002.

Gladman, B., Holman, M., Grav, T., Kavelaars, J., Nicholson, P., Aksnes, K., Petit, J.-M., Evidence for and Extended Scattered Disk. Icarus, submitted.

Chiang, E. I., A Collisional Family in the Classical Kuiper Belt. Ap. J. Letters. Submitted March 28, 2000.

Noll, K., Stephens, D., Grundy, W., Buie, M., Millis, R., Spencer, J., Tegler, S., and Romanishin, W. , Detection of Two Binary Trans-Neptunian Objects, 1997 CQ29 and 2000 CF105, with Hubble Space Telescope. In preparation, to be submitted to the Astronomical Journal.


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